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2023 - CARL VERKE 

"Carl is so effective at teamwork because he excels in each individual area that teamwork consists of."

Amy: You always know when you have Carl as your partner in crime in sample receiving, it's going to be a good day. Carl is fast and one of the best team players around. When you think about doing something, Carl has already done it. Carl is one of the nicest and easy-going co-workers you can have on your team.

Cameron: Carl is highly thought of in the Lab by everyone.  That is a strong statement, but is very true.  It has been said that Carl has an effectual energy which creates a positive environment for all of us.  I believe Carl’s stand out quality that everyone appreciates is his drive for a high level of personal performance and effectiveness with an unceasingly consideration of how he might help others and the Lab.  Because of this quality, other much appreciated characteristics are displayed by Carl as he strives for greater accomplishment and contribution.  Carl is exceptionally reliable and dependable.  He is consistent in self-discipline, initiative, and independence.  On a daily basis he fully commits to his work and extends himself to give more than what is expected.  He is a significant asset for the Lab and absolutely distinguishes himself as an outstanding analyst.


-A team player:always helps out co-workers without being asked

-good attitude: doesn’t complain, does whatever needs to be done

-hard worker:constantly doing stuff, doesn’t slow down

-very good at whatever task he is on, doesn’t make mistakes, fast

-likeable: gets along well with everyone


Carl Verke has been an Analyst at Metro since 2006.

Ever since then, Carl has consistently been the standard of high quality results, strong work ethic, flexibility, and teamwork in the lab.

Hard to believe? Do you doubt  that anyone can set such a high standard for analytical work over such a long period? Well, it isn’t only me saying it.

Here is a sample of the multiple, multiple cases of positive feedback from his peers:

“I don’t know how Carl does it. He does it in two hours and I worked hard today on getting everything done quickly and it took me three hours”

“I went to go take care of the trash, and Carl already did it”

“Carl was on Plant, so I am sure he did it already. Yup, he did.”

“Carl helped me today on TS without asking.”

“Carl was here over the weekend, so I am sure that all the bottle prep is done.”

One analyst even made an inspirational “Be like Carl” poster for the lab.

What does Carl say? “No problem.”, “Excellent, I can do that”, and also “I think I can squeeze that in at the end of the day.”

Carl is trained in multiple analyses across the lab, and he is involved in everything from bottle prep to running BOD and ICPMS. Carl is also a trusted trainer in all of his areas. Carl has a very solid analytical foundation has very high throughput and quality with his analyses, and he works well with all other analysts, and with management.

As strong as his other skills are, Carl really exceeds in his teamwork. If I was going to break down what teamwork is in a practical sense, it would include a concern for achieving the lab’s goals, concern for other analysts, the ability to complete your work efficiently and effectively in order to even have time to be able to assist others, and a drive to do more than what is written down on your schedule.

Carl is so effective at teamwork because he excels in each individual area that teamwork consists of. Carl has a great knowledge of the lab goals each week, and he has the drive to make sure that he tries his best to reach them. Carl also has high level of empathy for his fellow analysts. He is always available for questions, always willing to assist, and always willing to share his knowledge. Carl is even willing to take on less favorable tasks for others, and he never shies from doing the small thankless tasks that help make a lab run (like bottle prep, trash, glass dumping, glassware and more glassware, and stocking). Carl is also extremely efficient in his work. His energy is consistently high, and Carl works always with a purpose. Carl works in the way that he doesn’t just want to complete all of his work on time- he wants to  be done early. This contributes to teamwork as he has more time to help, and his work ethic is also an inspiration in the lab.

Carl is the most unassuming analyst that one could ever find. He is the quintessential analyst’s analyst, the workhorse, the one that makes everyone else’s days easier, and is the last person to complain.

Carl is exactly the kind of analyst that isn’t flashy enough to always be considered for the analyst of the year, but he is the type of analyst that definitely deserves it.


Carl is one of the easiest people to work with as well as a pleasure, which is a rare find. I always look forward to working with him or following him since he leaves his work area clean and well stocked for the next person and is the best teammate one could ask for. He works quickly and efficiently, always doing more than he is scheduled on for that day and helping others without needing to be asked. He has a fantastic work ethic, great integrity and an amazing ability to stay clear of drama. He can troubleshoot with the best of them, takes on duty’s others avoid, and is so humble about all of it. I would say, no one has ever deserved to be recognized more than he, and I would bet everyone that has had the pleasure of working with him would agree.


Carl is one of the longest tenured and most dependable Analysts in the Lab at Metro Water Recovery. He can always be trusted to complete his work thoroughly and efficiently, while also being a great teammate who helps fellow Analysts with their tasks consistently. His team-oriented attitude shines through each day which helps the general workflow of the Lab tremendously. Carl can always be counted on to promote a positive attitude and help foster a great work environment, not to mention he has a great taste in music which we can all enjoy on our Lab sound system. Carl gets my highest recommendation for Analyst of the Year!


He is absolutely deserving of this award!  His knowledge, patience, support, and kindness are unparalleled.


To whom it may concern,

I have worked with Carl Verke since February 2008. Across all of that time Carl has always been available to offer technical advice, or lend a hand whenever needed. Carl has a positive approach to the work life at METRO. He is an appreciated friend and coworker. The awarding of an Analyst of the Year award to Carl would be perfectly appropriate, and I do hope this occurs. 


Steven Musco


Carl is an outstanding scientist. He always seems to be able to structure his day to maximize efficiency and have extra time to help out others around the lab. His contributions in the area of metals analysis, specifically, are difficult to overstate. He has a great attitude and is deeply invested in both his work and his co-workers. Furthermore, his keen attention to detail leads him to asking great questions and he has a penchant for uncovering potential underlying issues. When you hear the blaring of classic rock coming from one of our lab areas, you know Carl is hard at work producing high quality data!  


I think Carl deserves analyst of the year because he deserves to know how appreciated he is by the entire lab at Metro. Carl goes above and beyond every day to be more than a team player. He is always in the background washing dishes, filling drawers with clean glassware, helping someone when they are slammed. He makes all our jobs easier every single day. He is the kind of analyst you are excited to be paired with when sharing a task and when you follow him on a rotation you know you are walking into a clean fully stocked lab whether it’s the drawers completely full the pipettes all calibrated, or all the reagents needed so that you can walk in and get your day started.  He is incredibly dependable and knowledgeable. Carl always has the best youtube videos to get you laughing when work gets hard like cats eating snacks or my favorite roller-skating crews! He is just the best!

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