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And the 2015 Analyst of the Year is….Melissa Mimna!


Melissa Mimna was nominated by Ridge Dorsey. They work together at the City of Boulder where her drive and positivity is infectious. Here are some of the great things Ridge had to say about Melissa.


Melissa brings great energy to the lab and has motivated staff to reach beyond their daily routine.  She has worked hard to become exceedingly proficient with all in-house analysis at our 75th Street Lab and has coordinated with the 63rd Drinking Water lab to implement much needed QA/QC protocols.  Melissa has represented the City of Boulder in the regional PQL group and delivered a MDL presentation and webinar for peers through the RMWEA Lab Practices Group.


Melissa constantly looks for new approaches and consistently evaluates existing laboratory practices looking for areas of improvement.  Currently she is working to evaluate the use of TOC to replace BOD analysis for regulatory reporting as well wastewater process optimization studies. As we all know BOD is very time consuming and provides data only after 5 days whereas TOC can be used in real time applications and is certainly more efficient.


Congratulations Melissa and keep up the good work!


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