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2011 Analyst of the Year

Katherine Wagner

Colorado Analytical Laboratories


Stephen Ellis, Katherine Wagner, Adele Rucker (left to right)

Kathy has been an analyst for 13 years during which time she developed her skills performing various preps and analytical procedures.  She has learned to utilize and maintain instruments from IC and ICP to GCs equipped with ECD, FID, PID, and MS. 

Kathy was nominated by Patty McClelland at Colorado Analytical Laboratories.  Patty was asked to hire a team to build a drinking water organic laboratory.  Kathy was one of two analysts that had the right technical skills and work ethic to join the team.  She was a key player that helped develop 7 EPA state certified methods in 6 months. 

Kathy goes the extra mile at work and is willing to help with any task.  She is liked and trusted by her co-workers.  In addition, Kathy is on the RMWQAA newsletter committee and represents Colorado Analytical Laboratories at RMWQAA events. 

Kathy is very deserving of the analyst of the year award.  Congratulations Kathy!


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