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Looking for general information on duty pay and benefits

  • 21 Oct 2015 9:10 AM
    Message # 3593359


    I know this isn't necessarily a "labby" question but was hoping you could reach out to any Operators and ask them to respond if they can help with some information. Our Municipality is changing some policies that are going to affect our Water Operators and we are trying to get comparison information on how other utilities operate. Our Operators do "duty" rather than shift work so we are having a hard time finding comparisons with any of the larger Water Plants. We may be looking for comparisons with Distribution or Maintenence workers who do duty rather than rotating shifts. We are basically trying to find out what other Municipalities do as far as duty pay and if Holidays and vacation are considered work time. The Town here is trying to change the policy to say that if someone works overtime during the week but then takes say 4 hours on Friday afternoon as vacation they would get the overtime cut by those 4 hours. Is this standard? Also, what is the standard out there for duty pay? Our policy makers are thinking about cutting it from eigth to seven hours of pay/week of duty.  Are you allowed comp time, and if so how much can you carry over? How is your vacation time accrued? Are you given so much time a pay period, or is it based on time worked? There is some discussion that if you take a week vacation, you only accrue three weeks of vacation time for that month. Is this the standard?

    Any info you might have or if you know of any other systems out there who can tell us how they do things would be of much help.



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